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What people say about
John Amatt's presentations...


"This was the best presentation we have ever heard. The message was clear and all participants left as if they had climbed Everest that day, but more importantly, they now have a full understanding of what skills they need to climb their own mountains."
- Motorola Paging Products

"The feedback from everybody was very positive and very motivating. We all believe that your presentation came just at the right time as Shanghai demands to 'meet the challenges of change' on a daily basis."
- International Hoteliers Association of Shanghai


"You were FANTASTIC, POSITIVE, and MOTIVATIONAL. You were everything we expected you to be. The audience loved you and admired you and received you with great pride, as evidenced by the thunderous standing ovation."  
- Million Dollar Round Table

"John's colorful and personal presentation provided an excellent vehicle for focusing management and individual attitudes... (he) set the tone for delegates in aiming for the top, overcoming problems, anticipating needs, and the essentials of teamwork."
- Asian Sources Media Group

"Without qualification I can say that your presentation was the most dynamic ever given to an A.O.A. group in recent years. Your artful integration of the principles of leadership into your narration of your dramatic mountain climb was superb."
- American Optometric Association

"In view of restructuring we have just gone through and the changes in all our jobs, your comments and the details of your quest on Mount Everest could not have been more timely or appropriate."
- Eckerd Drug Company


"...I've heard a lot of great speakers in my career... you're clearly one of the best! Simply outstanding! Finding a 'better' speaker for next year's club will be a real challenge for me."
- The Limited Stores

"As we continue to attack our own 'Everest' daily, the parallels between your climb and our own were brought to light very vividly. Most of the people in the audience shared my opinion that this was our best effort in bridging our philosophies and ideas with an emotional speaker."
- Betz Process Chemicals

"I admit to not fully comprehending how we could apply your experiences endured in such extreme conditions to our own everyday lives. It is now clear that all work environments rely on that same team spirit to reach common goals, and I am truly grateful to you for imparting such learnt wisdom in a human and touching manner."
- The Regent Hotel, Hong Kong




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"The World's Best Adventure Speaker."

- International Celebrity Management

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