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Presentation Overview

Meeting the Challenge of Change

Seminars & Workshops


John Amatt presents seminars/ workshops of three to five hours duration, which focus on the theme of "Meeting the Challenge of Change" in corporate and professional life. Designed as an in-house program, this thought provoking seminar has also been effectively integrated into annual meetings or conventions. Content can be summarized as:

  1. The Mountain of Challenge

    - A global perspective
    - The art of progress
    - The paradox of comfort
    - Change is inevitable

  2. The Age of Discovery

    - From known to unknown
    - Oceans of uncertainty
    - A place to sleep in safety
    - The choice -
    adapt or perish
    - Complacency and tunnel vision
    - The bubble of invincibility
    - Leaving the beaten path

  3. Seven C's for Success...

    - Curiosity
    - Courage
    - Commitment
    - Creativity
    - Cooperation
    - Communication
    - Concentration

  4. What it Takes to Get to the Top

    - The struggle of life itself, upwards and forever
    - Overcoming fear
    - Respecting basic beliefs and core values
    - Developing peripheral vision
    - Teamwork based on trust
    - Learning from experience
    - F.8... and be there
    - Continuous improvement
    - Positive dissatisfaction
    - Penetrating the barriers of self-imposed

  5. Living the Adventure

    - Attitude is the key to success...
    - Nine principles for achievement

  6. Global Leadership

    - Characteristics of Leaders for the 21st

  7. Journey Towards the Next Millennium

Straight to the Top and Beyond will motivate your staff to embrace new opportunities in a changing world, to open up their minds to new realities, and to develop the "Adventure Attitude"™ strategies that will be the key to success in the future.


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